This is the ComplEAT Utensil Set from Gerber Gear, it’s an all-in-one kit that can be used as barbecue tongs, then taken apart when its time to eat, giving you a spoon, fork, and dual-sided spatula.

This set is made with lightweight anodized aluminum, which makes it ideal for those who need to keep pack weights as low as possible, like campers, hikers, hunters, and cross-country adventure motorcyclists.

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Image DescriptionThe fork and spatula click together at the the base to become a handy set of camp barbecue tongs. They can then be unclipped when it’s time to eat.

Gerber Gear was founded in 1939 by Joseph R. Gerber. It began as a small business in Portland, Oregon, creating handmade knife sets as holiday gifts. These gifts were so well-received that Joseph was encouraged to start Gerber Legendary Blades, which marked the beginning of the company’s journey into the knife-making industry.

During World War II, the company shifted its focus to meet military demands, producing utility knives and bayonets for American servicemen. This period established Gerber’s long-standing relationship with the military, a connection that continues today. Post-war, Gerber expanded its offerings to include a wider range of knives suited for hunting, fishing, and general outdoor leisure activities​​.

The 1960s marked another significant milestone when Gerber began collaborating with Al Mar, a renowned knife designer. This partnership resulted in important designs like the Gerber Mark I and Mark II, which became standard issue for the U.S. military.

The ComplEAT Utensil Set

The ComplEAT Utensil Set from Gerber was developed to provide a lightweight solution that would hopefully result in a reduction in the amount of disposable plastic being used by hikers and campers. The set consists of a deep spoon and a fork made from lightweight anodized aluminum.

These two utensils are paired with a black dual-sided spatula that clicks onto the fork, creating a pair of barbecue tongs. Once you’re done cooking, you can unclip the spatula and fork, and use them for eating.

Gerber ComplEAT Utensil Set

Image DescriptionThe set in includes a multi-tool, shown here on the left, which features a serrated packing opener, can opener, bottle opener, and vegetable peeler.

The set also comes with an aluminum multi-tool which features a serrated packing opener, can opener, bottle opener, and vegetable peeler. The full set costs $35 USD, it measures in at 7.75”, and it weighs 2.3 oz in total.

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