This is the Laslo motorcycle jacket from Aether Apparel, it was developed to be well-suited for use both on a motorcycle and off, with all the protective elements you need and a hefty dose of mid-century styling.

Aether was co-founded by Palmer West and Jonah Smith, a pair of longtime friends and movie producers who had become disillusioned with the film industry. They decided to shift their focus onto the world of apparel – specifically apparel that’d designed for use when people are on adventures.

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Image DescriptionThe Laslo Jacket is a modern interpretation of classic mid-century motorcycle jacket styling, and it comes with a full set of advanced D3O® armor in the elbows, shoulders, and back for added protection.

We’ve covered Aether gear before a number of times on Silodrome, the most popular was undoubtably the Mojave motorcycle jacket which you can read about here.

The newer Laslo jacket was developed specifically to be a motorcycle jacket that would also be suitable for people who’ve never ridden a motorcycle in their lives, and have no plans to start.

The jacket comes equipped with a set of removable D3O® Ghost armor in the shoulders and elbows, with a D3O® Viper level 1 back protector. D3O® is a soft, slim armor variety that hardens instantly on impact. It can be removed from the jacket when you’re not riding to give it a slimmer profile and avoid those bulges at the elbows and shoulders.

The main chassis of the jacket is made from leather, a material long favored for use making motorcycle jackets as it offers excellent abrasion resistance. With the Laslo jacket the leather is paired with an inner abrasion-resistant layer, and a final layer of breathable cotton.

At the waist the jacket has a pair of zippered hand pockets, it has mesh grommets under the arms to allow good breathability, and it has snaps at the belt line that allow you to tighten or loosen the jacket for a tailored fit.

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Image DescriptionThe jacket was designed from the outset to be suitable for use on motorcycle adventures, but also to be adaptable for street use – the armor is removable and the jacket has a flattering slim fit cut.

All Aether jackets come with a lifetime manufacturing guarantee that covers the original owner in order to safeguard against any and all defects in workmanship and material.

The Laslo motorcycle jacket can be bought direct from the company with an MSRP of $795 USD, it comes with free shipping, and there’s a handy size guide on the shopfront so you can choose the right size first time.

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