Air-Frame Jacket by Dainese

I currently live in Hong Kong, it’s a huge, wealthy, sub-tropical metropolis on the coast of South East China that presents a wide array of motorcycle friendly terrain. The only real issue for motorcyclists in cities with a climate like Hong Kong is dealing with the heat and humidity, whilst still being safe.

I’ve been hunting around for a high-quality, safe motorcycle jacket for months with the only two caveats being that it needs to be highly ventilated, and not offensive to look at. This is a harder feat than you may imagine.

Finally I came across this, the G. Air-Frame Jacket by Dainese. It’s a modern motorcycle jacket with full front and rear tight knit mesh venting, a removable zip-in liner for cooler weather, CE Level 2 body armour in the elbows, forearms, shoulders and back, it also has stud-tabs along the arms and around the waist to allow you to tighten the jacket and ensure a snug fit.

The styling of the jacket is modern but not garish, I ride a retro Honda GB250 and this jacket looks just as home on the older bikes as it does on the brand new ones.

The Air-Frame Jacket is available here from Dainese for €199.00 (about $262 USD).

Published by Ben Branch -