This is the Xena Spice Safety Boot, it was developed by Ana Kraft, an engineer who became frustrated at the lack of steel toe ASTM certified and OSHA compliant boots specifically for women.

Xena Workwear was founded by Ana back in 2019 and the company now produces a broad line of women’s work boots to suit a variety of different roles and specific professional use cases. Her boots are all made in North America using premium full-grain leather.

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Image DescriptionThe boots have both laces and a side entry zipper. The laces allow you to get the fitment of the boot tailored to your foot, you then just use the side zipper to put them on and take them off.

Ana was originally born in Kazakhstan and moved to Germany with her family when she was 10. She later graduated with a degree in International Project Engineering from Reutlingen University, and moved to the United States.

She began working in the United States as a project engineer but quickly became frustrated with the fact that unlike her male counterparts, she had to excuse herself to change from office shoes into work boots that never fit quite right before heading from the meeting room to the manufacturing floor.

“I started this company out of my own frustration. How you present yourself and what you’re wearing has a major impact on your self-confidence. It’s already an uphill battle for women to fit into certain industries and a lack of confidence caused by awful workwear is an unnecessary barrier. Professional women deserve to feel their best when they’re on the job.” – Ana Kraft

The Xena Spice Safety Boot has a premium full-grain leather upper and a combination of laces and a side zipper that allow you to get the fit just right, then simply use the zipper to put the boots on and take them off.

As noted above the boot is ASTM certified (F2413-18) and OSHA compliant, it has an impact and compression resistant steel toe cap, an oil and chemical resistant outsole that is also dual-density and slip resistant.

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Image DescriptionThe Xena Spice Safety Boot can be ordered in your choice of Jet Black or Mystic Dune (Brown), and sizing ranges from 5 through to 12 US.

These boots are engineered from scratch specifically for women’s feet, they’re lightweight, and they have a breathable mesh lining, an impact absorbing, odorless insole, and they’re also available in wider sizes. Each pair costs $198 USD and they come with free domestic US shipping, 30 day returns and exchanges, and a six-month warranty.

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