This piece was written and photographed by Stan Evans, a writer, photographer, and filmmaker based in Los Angeles, California.

On February 1, 2024, Lewis Hamilton made a groundbreaking announcement: he revealed his decision to bring his exceptional talents to Ferrari for the upcoming 2025 F1 season. Following the news, Ferrari’s stock soared by an impressive 12.6%, adding a staggering $7 billion to the total valuation.

This significant development reinforced a truth that I have long been aware of – the undeniable value of sharing authentic stories about Black drivers. Our rich culture and distinctive style extend far beyond music or sports, permeating into realms such as Fashion, Art, Design, and now: Automotive. And while some may just be discovering “Fast Car” through Luke Combs’ remake, the significance of Tracy Chapman’s lyrics were never lost on us.



When I was 16, and had freshly passed my driver’s test, my father was transferred for work from Alaska to Virginia. He thought it would be a good bonding experience to drive across the country together. From the endless days of the Alcan to the winding roads of the Rockies in Montana, across the plains of Oklahoma and into the nation’s capital in DC, here began my love affair with the open road.

From shiny cars to thunderous motorcycles, anything with wheels that could transport my sight and senses. Until then, I never truly understood the vastness of America – the changes in topography, the diversity of the communities. Through a series of short vignettes, I was able to share my POV, and Freedom of the Road was born.

Stan Evans Sr


Over the past year, I dedicated myself to the creation of a compelling and original video/photo automotive series titled “Freedom of the Road.” This series transcends the confines of the vehicle itself, delving into the diverse personalities and communities of Black drivers.

Freedom of the Road is an empowering concept that encapsulates the spirit of Black drivers. Historically, the freedom to travel has played a significant role in the fight for civil rights and equality. Black Americans have faced numerous challenges and restrictions when it comes to mobility.

This concept promotes the idea of Black drivers reclaiming their freedom and embracing the opportunities that come with traveling and experiencing new places. Through vignettes, we share different sides of the Black automotive community. It encourages individuals to embark on road trips, explore different regions, and immerse themselves in diverse cultures, landscapes, and communities.

Understanding who these stories are about and how they are shared is crucial. Manufacturers are not merely selling inert pieces of metal; they are marketing an ideal, a brand, and a community. It’s not just about addressing this community but initiating an ongoing dialogue and facilitating the exchange of information to enhance the driving experience and make it more meaningful.



Featured Stories:


Brigette Berry

Brigette Berry


Brigette Berry – Ducati Streetfighter V4S: This installment places Black women in the spotlight of sport biking, a realm where their presence has been historically underrepresented. It shifts our focus to the future while paying homage to the past.

These remarkable individuals bring their distinctive flair and style to the forefront of motorcycling. Our inspiration for this edition stems from the incredible legacy of Bessie Stringfield, the trailblazing African-American woman who embarked on a solo cross-country motorcycle journey in the United States.

In this feature, we are thrilled to introduce Brigette Berry, a Black female rider who is ushering in a new era and blazing her own unique trail on a Ducati Streetfighter V4S. She embodies the same adventurous spirit that Bessie exemplified. Join us as we embark on Brigette’s journey, capturing her fervor for riding, empowerment, and self-discovery.

Brigette Berry Brigette Berry Overhead Brigette Berry Motorcycle Brigette Berry Heel




Rashod Bacon


Rashod Bacon – Porsche 911: Rashod is a different kind of Porsche owner. Rather than obsessing over his vehicle, he uses his experience as a recruiter for Pinterest to actively connect auto enthusiasts of different backgrounds and bring people together.

He was a host for the first Black History Month car gathering at The Motoring Club in conjunction with Hot Wheels that showcased Black Culture and cars in a way that highlighted uniqueness and diversity.

Rylic Alexander

Rylic Alexander


Rylic Alexander – Toyota Supra: Rylic Alexander is a passionate advocate who has created an inclusive space within the automotive community for the LGBTQ+ community. He shares his love of fashion, humor, and car reviews with his co-hosts on OhSHiift TV.

Recently, we embarked on a journey with Rylic and his custom Toyota Supra, where he shared his favorite driving route and offered a unique perspective on tuning culture. Join us in this installment of “Freedom of the Road” as we celebrate the diversity and passion that redefines the automotive community.

Rylic Alexander 1 Rylic Alexander 3 Rylic Alexander 4




Stan Evans Sr.

Stan Evans Sr 1


Stan Evans Sr. – BMW 745IL: Colonel Stanley L. Evans (Ret.) has seen a lot in his time. A Vietnam veteran and the first African American to be appointed Dean at a law school in Oklahoma, he is now an advisor who makes efforts to pass on his knowledge as an educator along to the youth.

The automobile has served him as a means to spread the word of civil rights in the 60s, move his family cross-country while on active duty in the Army, and now he uses it to travel to universities recruiting undergrads for law school. Comfort, Luxury, and Style are all the things required while driving coast to coast.

Stan Evans Sr 2 Stan Evans Sr 3 Stan Evans Sr 4


Witnessing and hearing the unique perspectives on “Freedom of the Road” from individuals such as Stan Evans Sr., Rashod Bacon, Bridgette Berry, and Rylic Alexander has been enlightening. I am proud to announce the completion of this project, coinciding with a moment when the spotlight on Black stories shines brightly.

Ferrari, Porsche, GM, Harley Davidson, BMW and Lincoln are all indexing on Black Consumers not just for automotive but for accessories and apparel markets. Collabs and events are paving the way for more authentic synergies so it becomes essential to recognize that this spotlight on diverse drivers should persist not just for a single day but 365 days of the year.

Behind The Scenes – Freedom Of The Road


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