Tentsile Stingray Tent

Tentsile Sting Ray Tent. 21

This is quite easily the coolest tent that I’ve ever come across. It’s called the ‘Tentsile Stingray’ and it’s a tent that can be set up on the ground normally, or suspended in the air with the aid of 3 high-capacity tree-straps.

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US Army Field Manuals (Set of 3)

US Army Field Manuals 450x330

US Army Field Manuals are well-known and highly respected by campers, soldiers, survivalists, hikers and “preppers” – there are over 600 different books in total so the team at Best Made collected the top 3 and created a set that can be bought via their website for $22 USD. That seems like a pretty good deal considering the fact that if you ever find yourself actually needing them, money will likely only be useful to you as kindling.

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Mark V Deluxe by Weatherby

weatherby mark V deluxe

The Mark V Deluxe by Weatherby is just about the perfect example of a classic, bolt-action hunting rifle. The stock is a solid piece of milled Walnut with a Rosewood forend and pistol grip cap, the metal-work is tastefully blued and it can be ordered in 12 different calibers including the popular .308 and the elephantine .460 Weatherby Magnum.

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