Survival Pod by X Stream

Survival Pod by X Stream1 450x330 - Survival Pod by X Stream

The Survival Pod by X Stream offers a small, easy to carry survival kit that contains all the essential things you need to survive, if you should find yourself needing to make a go of it in the woods. Each kit includes a knife blade, a magnesium fire starter, tinder, duct tape, fishing line, 2 hooks,…

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The Embassy Tactical Pen

The Embassy Tactical Pen1 450x330 - The Embassy Tactical Pen

The Embassy Tactical Pen is designed to be the last pen you’ll ever need to buy. Its 300 series high-grade stainless steel body takes a medium sized Fisher Space pen refill and is designed to be used as a stabbing weapon should you ever need to defend yourself. It was originally designed for US military…

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Cammenga Phosphorescent Compass

Phosphorescent Compass1 450x330 - Cammenga Phosphorescent Compass

The Cammenga® 27 Phosphorescent Compass is a traditional, military-style compass for people who think GPS navigation is for old ladies, Prius drivers and ICBMs. The compass has a lightweight aluminium-cast housing, it’s waterproof and has long-lasting phosphorescent self-illumination. If you’ve been looking for a compass that’ll still work after the collapse of modern civilisation, this…

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Gerber Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit

Gerber 30 000601 Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit1 450x330 - Gerber Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit

The Gerber Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit is an all-in-one solution for the end of the world, it contains the Gerber LMF II Infantry knife, the Gerber DMF folding knife and the Gerber Epic knife, the Gerber Gator Machete, the Gerber Gator Machete Pro, the Bear Grylls Survival Series Parang and the Gerber Camp Axe II…

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Work Khukri by Base Camp X

Work Khukri by Base Camp X1 450x330 - Work Khukri by Base Camp X

The Work Khukri by Base Camp X is a modern take on the ancient Khukri, a blade used by the Nepalese for hundreds of years for everything from chopping wood to warfare and everything in-between. The Base Camp X Khukri has a 10″ hand-forged blade made from reclaimed high carbon steel and a 1/4″ width,…

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The Peanut Lighter

The Peanut Lighter 450x330 - The Peanut Lighter

It’s hard to stress the importance of a lighter when you’re off the beaten trail, some people use matches or even a flint but if we’re all honest, a flick of the thumb is always going to be the preferable way to get the fire lit after a long day of trekking. The Peanut Lighter…

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Eton Hand Turbine AM/FM Radio with Smartphone Charger

Eton Hand Turbine AM FM Radio Thumbnail 450x330 - Eton Hand Turbine AM/FM Radio with Smartphone Charger

            When it comes to basic disaster preparedness, a unit like this Eton Hand Turbine AM/FM/Weatherband Radio is probably almost as important as shelter and potable water. This unit from Eton has a built-in hand crank, smartphone charger, flashlight and solar panel as well as the its radio functions, making…

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Buck FlashPoint Hunting Knife

Buck FlashPoint Hunting Knife1 - Buck FlashPoint Hunting Knife

The Buck FlashPoint Hunting Knife is designed as an all-round hunting, camping and fishing knife – it has a partially serrated blade made of 420HC stainless steel and has a bottle opener/carabiner built into the handle. The locking mechanism in the handle is thumb-operated – an important safety feature on a knife that’ll likely be…

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nanoSTRIKER™ Fire starter1 - nanoSTRIKER™

The nanoSTRIKER™ is a keychain sized fire starter designed to be carried every day without getting in your way. It contains a ferrocerium rod and a tungsten carbide insert to create a shower of sparks each time it’s scraped.

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Leatherman Style CS Clip-On

Leatherman Style CS Clip On 2 - Leatherman Style CS Clip-On

This clip-on multi-tool from Leatherman is slightly smaller and more pocket friendly than some of the company’s larger tools, it’s designed to be clipped to a belt loop or rucksack and forgotten about – until you find yourself needing a knife, scissors, a file, tweezers or something to throw at a bear while you run for the hills.

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Bear Super Kodiak Bow

Bear Super Kodiak Bow Recurve 450x330 - Bear Super Kodiak Bow

The Bear Super Kodiak Bow was first released in 1967 as an upgraded replacement for the Bear Kodiak line of bows – Fred Bear was so impressed with the new design that he took one for himself and used it on hunting trips around the world until he retired.

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