1953 Austin-Healey 100 BN1

Austin Healey 100 450x330 - 1953 Austin-Healey 100 BN1

The Austin-Healey 100 BN1 originally started life as the Healey 100 – Donald Healey had designed and built a prototype and planned to produce a limited number of the cars from his small workshop in Warwick. In order to keep costs as low as possible Donald had used many parts from the Austin A90, this…

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1902 Renault Voiturette

Renault 8HP Type G 1 450x330 - 1902 Renault Voiturette

Renault was established in 1899 by the talented young French engineer Louis Renault, Louis partnered with his brothers Marcel and Fernand – Two men who had years of business experience working for their father’s successful textile company in France. The first model produced by Renault was the Voiturette, it was offered in 3 major iterations…

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1925 Stanley Steamer

Stanley Steamer 13 450x330 - 1925 Stanley Steamer

The Stanley Steamer is the colloquial name given to the steam powered automobiles produced by Stanley Motor Carriage Company between 1902 and 1924, the Steamers eventually lost out to gasoline powered cars due to the ease of use afforded by an internal combustion engine with an electric starter motor – but for a while there…

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AC Aceca-Bristol

AC Aceca Car 1 450x330 - AC Aceca-Bristol

The AC Aceca-Bristol was the slightly higher-performance version of the Aceca (pronounced “ah-see-ka”) – a model that was essentially a modified coupe-version of the now world famous AC Ace (the car that would later be re-engined by Carroll Shelby and sold as the AC Cobra). The Bristol-powered version of the Aceca was fitted with the…

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1977 Porsche 911S

Vintage Porsche 911 4 450x330 - 1977 Porsche 911S

This Guards Red 1977 Porsche 911S is a thing we aren’t seeing that often anymore – an affordable 911. Although a smidge over $25K might not be affordable for everyone, it certainly isn’t expensive for a vintage Porsche, especially the 911 – a model that’s been seeing an extraordinary sales boom since the mid-2000s. I know…

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Ford Model T Roadster

Ford Model T Roadster 1 450x330 - Ford Model T Roadster

The Ford Model T Roadster is a car that needs no introduction, over 15 million Model Ts were made between 1908 and 1927 and it’s believed that well over 60,000 are still on the road in the United States alone. These huge production numbers mean that the humble Tin Lizzie is one of the most…

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Goodwood Revival 2014: Day 1

Goodwood Revival Logo1 450x330 - Goodwood Revival 2014: Day 1

I often meet people who’ve never heard of the Goodwood Revival – which seems borderline sacrilegious, but I think a lot of it has to do with the relatively limited coverage the event receives outside of the United Kingdom. So for those of you who have never heard of the Goodwood Revival, and those of…

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HRG 1500 WS Roadster

HRG Car 450x330 - HRG 1500 WS Roadster

This 1953 HRG 1500 WS Roadster was the very first of the HRG cars to be fitted with the newer and more powerful Singer 4-cylinder engines – The HRG Engineering Company wasn’t large enough to afford its own engine-development department but this gave them the freedom to pick and choose from the best engines being…

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1927 Isotta Fraschini 8A S Roadster

Isotta Fraschini 450x330 - 1927 Isotta Fraschini 8A S Roadster

Isotta Fraschini is an automaker that’s largely unknown today, but back in their pre-Depression heyday they were globally recognised as a leader in the production of luxury automobiles – second only to Rolls-Royce in fame and reputation. The company started life in 1900 as a small Italian outfit that assembled and sold early Renault automobiles,…

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1934 MG Magnette Racing Special

1934 MG Magnette NDNE Racing Special 7 450x330 - 1934 MG Magnette Racing Special

This 1934 MG Magnette ND/NE Racing Special has a fascinating history – it was built and sold to W E C Watkinson, a recognised MG ‘works’ factory driver who had the factory install an NE-specification racing engine. Watkinson raced this car at Brooklands and elsewhere in the United Kingdom before the start of WWII in…

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