These are the new Winter Road driving gloves by The Outlierman, as the name suggests they’re designed for winter driving when the mercury drops and your hands need a little additional insulation against the elements – particularly in a convertible.

Each pair is made from perforated Nappa lambskin leather with a perforated suede back for breathability, and a 100% cashmere lining for both warmth and all-day comfort. The closure is by leather strap and press stud, ensuring that they’ll stay on even when you’re blasting up the Stelvio Pass in your 250 GT SWB.

Winter Road Driving Gloves Inside Bag

As with all of the driving gloves made by The Outlierman these are 100% made in Italy to a traditional design using traditional techniques, and they come in a bespoke leather pouch perfectly sized to fit in your car’s glove compartment.

Although driving gloves have largely fallen out of favour with modern drivers in modern cars, they’re still indispensable if you drive a classic car with no power steering and a wooden steering wheel.

A couple of hours (or more) of intensive driving in vintage cars like this can leave you with blisters, which is why driving gloves were so popular with racing and performance drivers in years gone by.

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