This is the Heimplanet Kirra, it’s a two-person tent with the patented geodesic inflatable structure that’s designed to be storm-proof – the inflatable beams can move and flex with the wind and they won’t snap when bent.

The first concern that many people raise when the subject of inflatable tents comes up is what do you do if/when it springs a leak. The engineers at Heimplanet considered this and developed a structure with two pneumatic zones that are independent from one another. The tent can remain standing with just one of these zones in operation if needs be.

Above Video: This is the official instructional video from Heimplanet for the Kirra tent. It has a run time of just over three minutes and it shows the tent being set up and then taken down. As you can see, it takes just 24 seconds to inflate the structure using the Heimplanet hand pump.

Of course, we all typically use inflatable structures every day without even thinking about it, and we trust out lives to them in the process. We call them “tires,” and we all know what do do if they get punctured – we patch them and carry on.

With this is mind, Heimplanet includes a repair kit with every tent they sell, though many users report never actually needing it.

Heimplanet was founded by a group of German friends in 2011 after years in development, and the Cave tent was their first design.

All Heimplanet tents use their trademarked geodesic inflatable structure – this means you don’t need to carry any metal, wood, or fiberglass tent poles with you.

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Image DescriptionThe Heimplanet Kirra has a patented geodesic inflatable structure that’s designed to be storm-proof. It can bend, flex, and twist in high winds without breaking or snapping the way stiff tent poles do.

You do need a pump of course, though most people have one on hand already for their vehicle’s tires.

Heimplanet sells their own branded hand pump however they don’t include it with the tent to keep the price down, as they found most people had one already and as a result they didn’t want to spend the extra.

The Heimplanet Kirra is described as the company’s new inflatable tent “for two people with a lot of equipment.” They do have other two-person designs that are smaller, though if you have more than the average amount of gear or if you want to ensure you have plenty of space.

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Image DescriptionThe inflatable structure has two unique parts that work independently, so even if you do get a puncture in one the other will keep the tent up until morning when you can patch the hole.

The tent sells for €849 which works out to approximately $929 USD. Each tent comes with pegs, the repair kit, guy lines, packing bag, pump adapter, and the gear loft.

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