This is the front end of an original Land Rover Series III, it’s been turned into a desk and it now features an English Brown leather writing surface, four removable legs, and a hidden wireless charging pad.

Due to the flat tops of the Series Land Rover’s front fenders they have been used as desks, lunch tables, coffee and tea tables, and whiskey benches over the years. Of course all of this usage is typically when the fenders are still attached to the vehicle.


Image Description440,000 examples of the Land Rover Series III would be made in total, and this would be the model that would see Land Rover pass the 1,000,000 vehicles sold milestone. Image courtesy of Leyland Land Rover.

The Land Rover Series III made its debut in 1971 and it would be the Land Rover that help the British company pass the 1 million vehicles sold milestone in 1976. The Series III would be the most produced of all the Series Land Rovers, with 440,000 made in total, it was also the first to have synchromesh on all four gears.

The styling of the Series III was very similar to its predecessor, the Series IIA. The most obvious outward difference was the switch to a plastic grill in place of the metal wire grill used on the earlier vehicles. Interestingly, this plastic grill was cold weather tested in Finland strapped to the front of a then-new two-door Range Rover.

There were a number of other minor differences between the Series III and the Series IIA, the headlights were moved out onto the fenders but this had first happened on later examples of the IIA. Inside the car the metal dashboard was now replaced with a moulded plastic unit, the gauges were now positioned in front of the driver rather than in the center, and the formerly optional higher compression 8:1 engine was now standard (up over the 7:1 of the earlier vehicles).

Due to the high production numbers the Series III Land Rover is now typically the easiest to find when looking to buy a vintage Series, and they came in a huge array of body styles including short wheelbase, long wheelbase, station wagon, pickup truck, and more.

The desk you see in this article was handmade in Britain using a real Series III front end, it has four removable legs to make it easy to move it in and out of rooms when needed, and it’s finished in blue with an English Brown leather writing surface.

Land Rover Series III Desk 4

Image DescriptionThis desk is made with the front end from a real Series III, it has removable legs than can also be adjusted for height, and it has a wireless charging pad hidden under the writing surface.

A series of modern additions have been made to the desk, including that discrete wireless charging pad mentioned above. It also has a 4-way individually switched sockets on a 5 meter lead, and the desk measures in at 167cm wide by 107cm deep and it has an adjustable height that ranges from 76/86cm.

This desk is now due to be sold by Iconic Auctioneers on the 12th of November with a price guide of £2,500 – £3,000. If you’d like to read more about it or register to bid you can visit the listing here.

Land Rover Series III Desk 3 Land Rover Series III Desk 2 Land Rover Series III Desk

Images courtesy of Iconic Auctioneers

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