This bar cabinet from the team at Danish Fuel is made using an original WWII jerry can, it’s called the Upcycled Bar Cabinet, and it comes in you choice of Racing Green or Aviation Gray.

The concept behind the Danish Fuel bar cabinet design was conceived in 2010, perfected over three years, and then shown to the world for the first time at the Milan Furniture Fair (Salone Internazionale del Mobile) where it quickly become one of the stars of the show.

American women stacking jerry cans, WWII, 1943

Image DescriptionHere we see two women stacking US-designed jerry cans during WWII at the Savannah Quartermaster Depot, in Savannah, Georgia circa 1943. Image courtesy of the Department of Labor: Women’s Bureau.

The History Of The Jerry Can

The jerry can was named after the slang term for Germans used by the Brits and other Allied nations during WWII: “Jerrys.” The jerry can was the 20 liter fuel can used by the jerrys, then subsequently copied by many Allied nations during and after the war due to its remarkable usefulness.

Of course, the original German name for the jerry can was not jerry can, it was “Wehrmacht Einheitskanister” meaning “Armed Forces Unit Canister.” This was a far more logical and sensible name, though there was no way in hell that the English speaking soldiers of the Allied nations were going to be able to pronounce it, and thus the nickname was coined.

The original design was penned by chief engineer of German engineering firm in Schwelm, named Vinzenz Grünvogel. The official design requirements from the Wehrmacht called for a 20 liter fuel canister with an integrated lid, it also stipulated that a single soldier should be able to carry two of them when full, and four of them when empty. This is why the jerry can has that unusual triple handle on top.

The Grünvogel design was selected by the Wehrmacht in the 1930s, and it became the primary fuel canister thereafter. Each was made from pressed steel, had an integrated flip top closure, a spout, triple handles, and a rectangular design that lent itself to being stored flush with the front, rear, or sides of a vehicle. They could also be stacked vertically or horizontally when required.

As WWII progressed it quickly became apparent to Allied soldiers just how useful the jerry cans where, and they would be one of the first things taken when coming across an empty or recently defeated German position or vehicle. The popularity was such that soon the Allies were making their own versions, all closely based on the German design.

Upcycled Bar Cabinet Danish Fuel Jerry Can 10

Image DescriptionThe Upcycled Bar Cabinet by Danish Fuel can be wall-mounted, and the front door locks to keep your tipple safe when it’s not required.

Jerry cans remain popular even today with militaries around the world, even as just about every other tool, weapon, and piece of equipment has been updated countless times. They’re also used extensively by civilians, typically for off road trips where fuel stations may be few and far between.

The Upcycled Bar Cabinet By Danish Fuel

In the years since the Upcycled Bar Cabinet from Danish Fuel made its pulls debut at the 2013 Salone Internazionale del Mobile it has become a best-seller, with customers around the world including some in the Danish Royal Family.

Each one of these wall-mounted cabinets is made from an original WWII-era jerry can that has been carefully restored, repainted, and converted with a front opening door, a mirrored back, and hardwood shelves inside.

Upcycled Bar Cabinet Danish Fuel Jerry Can 11

Image DescriptionWhen you unlock the cabinet and lower the front door it becomes a tabletop, allowing you to pour drinks, shots, and even make simple cocktails, like an old fashioned.

The door has a lock, allowing it to be secured when not in use, and it folds down to become a useful table when you open the cabinet and begin preparing drinks. Both Racing Green and Aviation Gray colorways are on offer, and each one is made by hand in Denmark.

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Images courtesy of Huckberry + Danish Fuel

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