The Ruby Castel Shibuya Helmet has a new livery from the famed French helmet company, one of the first in the world to produce classically-styled full-face motorcycle helmets made with modern materials to modern helmet safety standards.

The styling of the Ruby Castel has won the company fans from Paris to Perth due to their beautiful design and high-end materials. Unfortunately the company suffered as many others have with Chinese companies copying designs and undercutting on price. The good news is that Ruby Helmets are now back in business after a period of prolonged legal wrangling.

The Ruby Castel Helmet

Each Ruby Castel helmet has a full carbon fibre shell, and they have three core helmet sizes to ensure full protection whether you have a larger or a smaller than average head. The helmets are famous for their opulent trim, they have a full sheepskin leather lined interior with a comfort foam layer between your head and the EPS impact absorbing liner.

The eye port and 12 chin vents are all chrome-plated steel, there are also 7 ventilation channels in crown of helmet, and 2 exhaust ports at back of neck roll. Each helmet is hand-painted, with the Shibuya model receiving a livery designed to evoke the traditional Rising Sun flag of Japan – Shibuya is the fashion capital of Tokyo after all.

Although Ruby helmets are never cheap, they are exceptionally lightweight and very well built, and they meet or exceed US DOT certification standards. There is a range of styles available as well as a range of visors which are held in place over the eye port with a traditional strap around the back of the helmet. When buying a Ruby it’s important to avoid the counterfeits, so please only use trustworthy online sellers and never buy direct over Facebook or any other social media platform.

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