This is the Motul 800 2T scented candle, it’s an official collaboration between Motul and Flying Tiger Motorcycles, and they’re now in stock ready to ship in time for Christmas.

For the uninitiated, Motul 800 2T is a motor oil formulation created specifically for two-stoke racing motorcycles. It’s designed for high-RPM, high-load applications and it’s been used extensively by top notch grand prix teams.

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Image DescriptionFlying Tiger Motorcycles have become well-known in the motorcycle world for their lighthearted “two-stroke scented candles,” and this is their first official collaboration with Motul.

Each of these candles is made by the team at Flying Tiger Motorcycles, they come in a 1 pint tin with classic Motul 800 2T branding and they do contain some Motul 800 2T oil, blended with a mix of other fragrances of course.

Once lit the candles burn for many hours and offer a surprising amount of light thanks to their unusually thick wicks. When you’re done with the candle you can simple blow it out and put the lid back on until the next time you want to light it.

Flying Tiger Motorcycles is based in Maplewood, Missouri, one of the earliest suburbs of St. Louis. The team over at Tiger specialize in vintage Honda, Kawasaki, Triumph, BSA, and Norton motorcycles however they work on all makes and models from brand new bikes to your Dad’s old Harley.

Flying Tiger launched their first scented candle as a lighthearted gift idea back in 2014, the 2 Stroke Smoke Candle that we featured here on Silodrome. It was featured broadly across the internet and in print magazines, including publications like Road and Track Magazine, Cool Material, Drive Tribe, and others.

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Image DescriptionEach candle has a 1 pint volume which means it burns for hours and hours, they come in Motul oil boxes so the person you bought it for won’t get the joke until they pop the tin open.

Each candle costs $55 USD and they can be bought directly from Flying Tiger Motorcycles, they can also be picked up in-store if you happen to live in the St. Louis area. The funds raised through candle sales all go into keeping Flying Tiger kicking, and assists their work keeping the vintage motorcycles of Missouri on the road.

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