This is the new Miniot White Wheel 2023 Edition, it’s a circular turntable for playing your favorite records, it can be mounted flat on a table, up on a stand, or vertically on a wall, and it has a clever “hidden tonearm” that sits below the record, playing it from the underside.

The team at Miniot first came up with the concept back in 2017, once the industrial design was worked out they launched the concept on Kickstarter where it proved wildly popular. In all it took five years for the engineering to be completed and the design deemed ready for full production.

Miniot White Wheel Turntable 1

Image DescriptionUnusually for a turntable, the Miniot White Wheel can be used flat on a table, it can be used at an angle on its supplied stand, or it can be used when mounted vertically to a wall.

The Miniot Wheel 2 is the second generation turntable from the Dutch company, including a series of design and engineering refinements. They have completely rewritten the operating system used by the turntable, incorporating a broad series of improvements after listening to owner feedback.

Perhaps the single largest upgrade is the new Rev.4 linear tonearm, this is the tonearm that sits behind the record, it now has a “Silent Superbronze” sliding mechanism that was developed to have a lighter touch and therefore cause less wear to records.

Each White Wheel comes with a newly redesigned aluminum alloy stand that holds the turntable at a fixed angle on a table or desk. It’s up to the owner if they want to use the stand however, as noted above, they can also place it flat on a table like a regular turntable if they prefer, or it can be mounted vertically on a wall.

It’s important to note that the record playing functionality is unaffected by its orientation, as the tone arm doesn’t rely on gravity to stay in contact with the surface of the record.

Miniot White Wheel Turntable 4

Image DescriptionThe controls are all carefully integrated into the design, in-keeping with the minimalist aesthetic.

Just 10 examples of the Miniot White Wheel 2023 Edition will be made, each will be hand tuned at the workshop where it’s made in Schagen, Noord-Holland. Impressively, the company offers a lifelong warranty on all parts and labor, and each White Wheel comes with a personal certificate.

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