The Simpson Street Bandit Helmet is a design that’s been around since the 1970s, the American company recently updated it with all modern materials and it now meets the exceptionally challenging Snell M2015 helmet certification standard (as well as the regular DOT).

This is the motorcycle-specific version of the Street Bandit, it has an enlarged eye port for excellent field of vision, chin air ram duct vents, and top vents with a shutoff option.

The iconic shell design of the Simpson Street Bandit has been seen everywhere from drag strips to flat tracks and everywhere in-between, becoming an American design icon in the process.

This newly revamped version keeps the Darth Vader styling of the original and it’s offered in three colorways, black, matte black, and white – with a variety of visors to choose from.

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Simpson Street Bandit Helmet Mirror Visor

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