This is the Vero Impulse Thin EDC pocket knife, it’s a new design from Vero Engineering – a company founded by American design engineer Joseph Vero to produce knives to his own designs.

As the name implies the Vero Impulse Thin EDC is a thinner version of the earlier Vero Impulse pocket knife, it was developed for everyday carry or “EDC” as it’s lighter, slimmer, and more pocket-friendly.

Above Video: In this clip Joseph Vero, Vero Engineering founder and designer of the Vero Impulse Thin EDC pocket knife, explains and showcases the functions of the knife.

Joseph Vero graduated as a mechanical engineer from the Florida Atlantic University and went to work as a design engineer in the drone and drone security field. Over the years he’s designed a number of drones, drone hardware, controllers, and data transfer units.

When he’s not developing high-end drone hardware Joseph keeps himself busy, a few years ago he designed and built his own road-legal electric motorcycle. It wasn’t long after this he set to work on creating his first knife to a design he had been thinking over – he drew the prototype in CAD and then ended up spending a month perfecting it.

This first knife was then made using ABS CNC and 3D printers to get the design right before it entered the prototyping phase in actual metal. Once it was offered for sale this knife design became hugely popular, so Joseph founded Vero Engineering LLC to put it into production.

The Vero Impulse Thin EDC Pocket Knife

The Vero Impulse Thin EDC pocket knife weighs in at just 5.2 oz or 147 grams thanks in no small part to its lightweight titanium handle and its 3D-milled titanium pocket clip.

The knife uses a Böhler M390 steel blade which can be deployed in a fraction of a second using the Vero Flipper tab, and it uses ceramic bearings for smooth blade openings.

Vero Impulse Thin EDC Pocket Knife 2

Image DescriptionThese are the additional colorways that the Impulse Thin EDC comes in, the differences in the non-black three are largely down to the finish on the blades.

We’ve shown the blackwashed version of the Impulse Thin EDC here however it also comes in three other colorways which are all lighter, more metallic tones. Huckberry is now offering these knives with Free U.S. shipping and a best price guarantee at $395 USD.

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