This is the Jacob Bromwell Freedom Flask, it’s made from 100% copper using a traditional hand-hammering technique and each comes with a lifetime guarantee.

The Jacob Bromwell company was founded back in 1819 long before the invention of light bulb, the telephone, the automobile, or the discovery of electricity.

Bromwell has been making copper flasks just like this one for over 200 years and counting, many of which become prized family heirlooms.

The Freedom Flask has a capacity of 12oz, that’s approximately half a standard bottle of whiskey, and it had a kidney shaped profile allowing it to easily be stored in a pocket if you wish.

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Image DescriptionThe 100% copper flask is hand hammered and comes with a copper screw down cap. It can hold 12oz of whiskey, which is approximately equivalent to half a standard bottle.

The flask has a heavy copper body and screw down cap designed to last indefinitely, and each is finished with Jacob Bromwell’s SuperPolish™ finish before it leaves the workshop.

While most modern flasks are made from stainless steel, copper tends to be favored by many purists as a more traditional material – not to mention the fact that copper is specifically used in whiskey stills as it helps develop the flavor of the spirit while removing highly volatile sulphur compounds like dimethyl trisulphide or DMTS.

The Freedom Flask is currently on sale via Huckberry, though just two are still in stock at the time of writing. The price is $185 USD and each flask comes with free US shipping and returns.

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