This is the Schott B-3 sheepskin leather bomber jacket, it’s a design that can trace its linage back to WWII, when it was worn by aircrews on B-17 and B-24 bombers to protect them from the bitter cold in their unpressurized aircraft when at altitude.

General George Patton was also a fan of the B-3 jacket, he wore one extensively during the war in preference over the more commonplace standard tanker’s jacket.

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Image DescriptionThe jacket has firm wrist closures, and adjustable belt straps at the waist and collar – this is to allow aircrews to tighten the jackets when at altitude to keep warmth in.

The B-3 Bomber Jacket, also known as the ANJ-3 (Army Navy Jacket 3), was a leather flight jacket used by U.S. Army Air Forces aircrews during World War II, particularly in the European Theater of Operations (ETO).

The B-3 jacket was developed in the early 1930s as a winter alternative for the earlier A-2 leather flight jacket. It was designed to provide better protection against the cold temperatures experienced at high altitudes in unpressurized planes.

The B-3 jacket was made from sheepskin leather, which was warmer than the goatskin used in the A-2 jacket. It featured a sheepskin lining for insulation, a broad leather collar that could be turned up for added warmth, and knitted cuffs and waistband to seal out cold air. The jacket also had two large front “hand warmer” pockets and a zippered front closure.

Several variants of the B-3 jacket were produced, including the B-6, which had a longer cut and additional pockets, and the ANJ-4, which replaced the sheepskin lining with a alpaca fur lining for even more warmth.

After World War II, surplus B-3 jackets became popular among civilians, and the design inspired many later flight jacket styles. Today, the B-3 bomber jacket remains a classic design, and a symbol of 20th century aviation history.

The modern Schott B-3 sheepskin leather bomber jacket is a faithful descendant of the military-issue original, it’s made from heavyweight shearling with leather welted seams, heavy duty hardware, buckled collar and waist adjustment straps, and two front hand warmer pockets.

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Image DescriptionEach of these jackets is made to heirloom quality in the USA by Schott, a company founded in 1913 by brothers Irving and Jack Schott in a basement on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

Each jacket is made in the USA, just like the originals were, and they’re available in brown leather white wool, black leather black wool, and brown leather brown wool variants in sizing ranging from 32 to 54. There’s also a size guide on the store page to ensure you get the right fit first time.

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