The World’s First Motorcycle

The Worlds First Motorcycle

As you might imagine, there’s no small amount of controversy surrounding the invention of the motorcycle. In fact, some consider the first motorcycle to also be the first car – as it was created 2 years before Karl Benz unveiled his invention in 1886 and both were 3-wheelers propelled by a petrol powered, internal combustion…

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Johammer Electric Motorcycle


The Johammer electric motorcycle is a new design that first came to light in February this year, the initial visual impact that the bike had on me was at once both positive and negative – the design is certainly futuristic, but it’s also awkward in a way that it doesn’t need to be. Enclosed-body motorcycle…

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The Keating Wheel Company

motorcycle film

“The Keating Wheel Company” is a short film by Lucent Productions about the life and times of Brian Keating and his company of the same name. Brian has spent the past 40 years reviving and preserving some of the most iconic vintage motorcycles in the world, many of which he still has parked in his…

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Triumph Tiger XC Special Edition

triumph tiger 800 XC SE motorcycle

The 2014 Triumph Tiger XC Special Edition is a tweaked version of the 800cc Tiger XC, an off-road touring motorcycle that’s selling as fast as Triumph can roll them out of their Hinckley-based factory. The Tiger is powered by a triple cylinder 800cc, water-cooled engine that also doubles as a stressed frame member. The steel…

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Yamaha SR250 by Auto Fabrica

Yamaha SR250 5

The Yamaha SR250 is the hardworking little brother of the inimitable SR400/SR500, many of the components are shared between the SR models making repairs simple and the straight-forward mechanical set up of the SR series means they’re excellent bikes to learn wrenching. Originally released in 1982 the Yamaha SR250 was designed to fit in below…

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Honda CX500 Custom by Kustom Research


The humble Honda CX500 is a motorcycle that everyone loves to hate, often referred to as the ‘Plastic Maggot’ the transverse V-Twin is widely considered one of the least attractive motorcycles ever produced by Honda. The benefit of this unpopularity is that the custom bike builders who choose the CX500 as their muse tend to…

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Yamaha SR400 Custom

Yamaha SR400 Custom Motorbike 7

The Yamaha SR400 is a cornerstone of the international custom motorcycle scene, the indestructible single cylinder thumper has one valve in, one valve out and a single carburettor mounted under the seat. This means that when the global nuclear apocalypse finally takes place, the SR400 will be one of the few motorcycles that still works…

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Moto Art by Francis Ooi

Harley Tracker-metal-10%

Francis Ooi is the creative director of an advertising agency based in Singapore – a city-state famous for its sterile cleanliness, great chilli crab and compulsory fines for almost any activity not sanctioned by its strict government. It’s notoriously difficult to import vehicles into the country and the vehicles that are there are strictly controlled…

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BMW R80-7 Scrambler

BMW R80-74

The BMW R80/7 was produced between 1977 and 1984 in reasonably significant numbers, the boxer twin is widely considered to be one of the most bullet-proof motorcycle engines ever made and as a result many of them still roadworthy over 30 years later. This has led to the model being a popular target for custom…

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The Classic Indian Collection

indian collection 1

CLICK HERE to visit the full eBay Collection. We’ve been covering the Indian Motorcycle company quite often over the past few months, the recent resurgence under Polaris ownership is the most promising return to form that the company has had since the original company went out of business in 1953. Their new model line is…

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2014 Indian Chief Classic Giveaway

Indian Chief Classic 4

The team over at eBay Motors are running a sweepstakes until the 14th of April, the first and second prizes are a Cadillac CTS and a 2014 Indian Chief Classic respectively – in order to win you just need to click here and set up your eBay Garage (it takes 90 seconds). The now legendary Indian…

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