This is an American railroad spike that’s been hand-forged by the blacksmiths at Northern Cresent Iron into a Japanese-style tanto knife with a 4.5″ blade.

Northern Cresent Iron are a professional blacksmith team based in the mountains of North Carolina. The company was founded in 2002 by blacksmith Matt Waldrop, who wanted to both modernize blacksmithing and show the world the more artistic side of the trade.

Railroad Spike Japanese Tanto Knife 3 These knives can be used for a multitude of purposes, many use them as letter and package openers, they also make good heavy-duty cheese knives, or simply just unusual display pieces.

In the years since its founding, Northern Cresent Iron has grown significantly, they now have a team of employees, and they mentor local youth in blacksmithing apprentice programs.

The company is best-known for its railroad spike products which turn real American railroad spikes into other items like knives and bottle openers, but they also sell wrought iron art, iron dice, leather sheathes, home decor items, and they have some apparel on offer.

The Japanese-style tanto knife you see here is one of Northern Cresent Iron’s most popular offerings, each is hand-forged from as high-carbon steel railroad spike and fashioned into a knife with an overall length of 8.5 inches, with a blade length of 4.5 inches, and a 4 inch handle.

When the forging process is completed the knife is given a wire brushed finish and a natural wax coating. Each knife is hardened and sharpened before it leaves the forge, and they recommend that those who want a sharper edge apply it at home with a wet stone or graphite stick.

Northern Cresent Iron does offer a full customization service, where they can stamp your name or the message of your choosing into the flat side of the handle. This service does cost a few dollars extra, but it’s popularly used by people who are buying these knives for friends, groomsmen, parents, or other loved ones.

Railroad Spike Japanese Tanto Knife 2 For a few extra dollars you can have your knife or knives personalized, this option is popularly used when the knives are being given as gifts to groomsmen, parents, friends, or other loved ones.

The MSRP of the knife without any customization is $72 USD and it can be ordered with an optional leather Tanto knife sheath for safekeeping if you wish.

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Railroad Spike Japanese Tanto Knife 4 Railroad Spike Japanese Tanto Knife 1

Images courtesy of Northern Cresent Iron

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