DKW Hummel

DKW Hummel Motorcycle 2 450x330 - DKW Hummel

This 1964 DKW Hummel is a masterclass in ’60s era, futuristic design. It’s powered by a 50cc 2-stroke engine, has drum brakes front and rear, an integrated fuel tank/head light, a very interesting front fork assembly and more style than Cary Grant holding a martini, standing on top of a moving train.

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Lady Mud Racer

vintage motorcycle hillclimb 450x330 - Lady Mud Racer

There’s something fantastic about seeing a woman carving her way through mud deep enough to swallow most men whole. The fact that she’s doing it on what appears to be a vintage 2-stroke only makes it all the better.

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Love and a Motorcycle

love1 450x330 - Love and a Motorcycle

This isn’t really my idea of a couples activity but hey, each to their own. It’s hard to tell if the motorcycle is actually moving or if there is a slim person standing behind them holding it up, either way this probably isn’t an activity to you to be doing as you ride by a police cruiser.

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BSA Spitfire Scrambler

BSA Spitfire Scrambler1 450x330 - BSA Spitfire Scrambler

Old bikes like this BSA Spitfire Scramber always hold great appeal for me, given the choice of a modern, plastic-fairing covered dirt bike or this, I’d go BSA everytime. Sure, they might be heavier, less reliable, harder to start and harder to stop but bikes like this have a tangible personality. Some days they’ll be bastards and some days they’ll be saints, as far as I’m concerned, that’s half the fun.

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1936 Böhmerland 600cc

bohmerland motorcycle1 450x330 - 1936 Böhmerland 600cc

If you’ve ever wanted to be that guy who everyone at the motorcycle rally walks over to and says “what the hell is that?”, this may just be your ride. Built by Böhmerland in 1936 this very rare and decidedly odd looking bike has a 600cc single cylinder engine,

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