Shwood Ashland in Zebrawood

Shwood 450x330 - Shwood Ashland in Zebrawood

Shwood is a Portland, Oregon based company that hand makes these remarkable sunglasses from sustainably harvested African hardwoods. This pair, called the ‘Ashland in Zebrawood’, has high grade Carl Zeiss lenses with 100% UV protection, stainless steel hinges and a multi-ply wooden frame.

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Serpico Aviators by Smith Optics

0903 hbks 13 z+smith+serpico glasses 450x330 - Serpico Aviators by Smith Optics

The Serpico range by Smith Optics falls into the retro aviator catagory, not a bad thing nowadays as many new sunglass-styles leave you looking like a surprised, futuristic bumblebee. Smith uses carbonic lenses (it’s a hard polycarbonite, not glass) to avoid the risk of getting broken glass thrust into your delicate eyeballs should you perform an accidental dismount off of whatever it is you were riding.

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Aviator by Randolph Engineering

yhst 44104681358267 2148 3240542 450x330 - Aviator by Randolph Engineering

When NASA astronauts are launched into space they wear these sunglasses. That might be all you need to know about them really. Oh and they’re also the standard issue sunglasses for US fighter pilots.

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