Survival Pod by X Stream

Survival Pod by X Stream

The Survival Pod by X Stream offers a small, easy to carry survival kit that contains all the essential things you need to survive, if you should find yourself needing to make a go of it in the woods.

Each kit includes a knife blade, a magnesium fire starter, tinder, duct tape, fishing line, 2 hooks, 2 sinkers, 12″ steel green snare wire, a 1 1/4″ sewing needle, a 1 1/2″ hacksaw blade and 7ft of 500 lb Paracord – making it exactly the sort of item you’ll want in the side pocket of your backpack. Just in case those conspiracy theory whack jobs turnout to be right one day.

You can find the Survival Pods in the EDC (every day carry) section of Huckberry here.

Survival Pod X Stream

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