This is the Basecamp from Uncharted Supply Co, each one is built on the foundations of the nearly indestructible YETI GoBox 60 and it contains dozens of survival items including food, first aid, water filtration systems, flashlights, and fire starting gear.

The Basecamp comes in two sizes, the 60 liter and the smaller 30 liter, and we’re showing you the larger 60 liter model here. The YETI GoBox 60 is 100% waterproof, stackable, and designed for military-grade durability.

Basecamp By Uncharted Supply Co Contents

Image DescriptionThe Basecamp 60L contains dozens of items including food rations, a first aid kit, fire starting gear, water purification systems, and more.

Uncharted Supply Co. was founded in 2016 in Park City, Utah after an appearance on the TV series Shark Tank. The company states that their mission is to provide high-quality, intuitive gear to help people navigate emergencies big and small, and that’s exactly what they’ve been doing.

Uncharted Supply Co. now has its products in over 200 retail stores, their survival kits are used by government and private security agencies around the world, and one was even displayed at the Museum of Modern Art.

The Basecamp By Uncharted Supply Co

The Basecamp is one of the newer products from Uncharted Supply Co., it’s significantly larger than their original backpack-based Seventy2® Survival System, but the fundamental concept remains similar – it’s just that the Basecamp is designed for up to eight people, making it ideal for use by families or small teams.

As noted above, the Basecamp comes in both 30 liter and 60 liter varieties, and you can choose from Charcoal, Orange, or Camp Green colorways for the YETI GoBox that contains everything.

Each kit contains a convertible shovel/pickaxe, air filtration masks (4), beanies (4), gloves (4 pairs), heat packs (4), Mylar survival tents (2), 3-in-1 radio flashlight (2), emergency rations (4), stainless steel water bottle, water filtration system, water bladder (2), chem lights, Yeti Loadout Gobox 60, magnesium alloy fire starter, first aid pro anti-bacterial wipes, Empire knife, paracord, sunscreen, multi-tool, caddy, duct tape, space blankets (4), and goggles (4).

Basecamp By Uncharted Supply Co Colorways

Image DescriptionIt comes in three colorways including Charcoal, Orange, or Camp Green – for the YETI GoBox that contains everything.

This kit is designed to be stacked in a closet, placed under a shelf in the garage, or kept in your RV just in case it’s ever needed. It retails for $829 USD directly from Uncharted Supply Co., it measures in at 30” × 14.8” × 13.4”, and it weighs 17.2 lbs.

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