These are the new Sunski Shoreline sunglasses, they have styling inspired by classic aviator designs and their frames are made from SuperLight – an in-house developed polymer made from recycled plastics.

Sunski started out back in 2012, it was launched by a pair of co-founders known simply as Tom and Micheal as a Kickstarter campaign. Their initial sunglass designs were inspired by a few pairs of vintage shades that Tom had bought while on an extended surf trip in Australia.

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Image DescriptionThis is the Tortoise Bronze colorway, the Sunski Shoreline comes in four distinct colors, each with different lens shading.

The Kickstarter campaign would prove successful beyond their expectations and it happened not a moment too soon, as they were down to their last $273. Many people, myself included, tend to go through more than one pair of sunglasses a year – they can get sat on, lost, stolen (typically by friends (I’m looking directly at you Oliver)), and the lenses can get scratched – despite our best efforts to preserve them.

Sunski positioned themselves, almost by accident, to resolve this issue by offering inexpensive sunglasses that tend to look far more expensive than they actually are. They developed a new polymer they called SuperLight, as noted above it’s made from recycled plastics, and the design language of their range remains true to the vintage Aussie sunglasses sourced by Tom all those years ago.

The Sunski Shoreline sunglasses are the company’s newest offering, they’re described as having a square aviator frame with a retro vibe. They come with a lifetime warranty and plastic-free packaging. The Shoreline lenses are polarized, they block 100% UVA/UVB/UV400 wavelengths and they pass the FDA basic impact test.

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Image DescriptionSurprisingly for the $58 USD price point, all Sunski sunglasses come with a lifetime warranty that covers all manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship during their lifetime.

Four colorways are on offer: Rust Slate, Olive Amber, Tortoise Bronze, and Black Arctic Lo-Light. All retail for $58 USD and can be bought directly from Sunski through their online store. The lifetime warranty covers all manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship during the lifetime of the sunglasses.

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