Sportsman Flyer

The Sportsman Flyer is a modern take on the classic boardtracker motorcycle genre, the Flyers are beautifully designed from front to back and powered by a hard working two-stroke engine.

These motorised bicycles are sold in kit form and you can pick up a model just like this for $1,250 USD, there are a few extra elements you’ll need to complete the bike (like a saddle, engine and wheels), so you’ll probably need to budget around $2,000 USD for a completed bike.

There are communities of motorised bicycle racers springing up around the world (we recently featured a bike by WCC) and even if you don’t want to race, the Sportsman Flyer is just about the coolest way of getting around town you’re likely to find anywhere.

Visit the official Sportsman Flyer website here.

Published by Ben Branch -