This is the A-Frame Tent from the team at The Get Out, it’s an entirely modern tent made using state-of-the-art materials but it was designed in the same style as classic A-frame tents from the days of yore.

The A-frame tent design is one of the oldest shelter types in existence, the fundamental structure has been used for thousands and thousands of years since well into human pre-history. All it required was two sticks embedded in the ground with one stick connecting the tops (parallel to the ground), and then an animal skin or tree branches over the top as a roof.

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Image DescriptionThe Get Out A-Frame Tent comes in 24 different color combinations including three inner tent colors and eight outer tent colors, some of which have unique patterns on the outer fly to help you locate your tent quickly in a busy campsite or festival.

Many modern wilderness survival manuals include instructions on building an A-frame shelter due to its simplicity and effectiveness. Any look through vintage photographs of campsites or military encampments will typically show a sea of A-frame tents, through more recently the design has fallen by the wayside as dome tents continue to take over.

A-Frame Tent by The Get Out

The Get Out was founded by the team behind the California-based Shelter Co., a company that specializes in luxury camping and outdoor experiences. When the pandemic hit, Shelter Co. very nearly went out of business due to the fact that all of their planned events cancelled within a matter of weeks.

Rather than shutting up shop they started The Get Out to sell their own tent designs, they soon added a slew of other outdoor equipment designs to their online store including coolers, enamelware, towels, rugs, lanterns, cutlery, insulated flasks and more – all of which like it could have just come from the set of the latest Wes Anderson film. And I mean that in the best possible way.

The A-Frame Tent from The Get Out was made using classic A-frame architecture but rather than making it from heavier materials like canvas they chose lightweight 210D ripstop polyester Oxford with a floor made from 420D nylon Oxford – these are long-lasting and water-resistant materials that will typically far outlive canvas.

The tent also has taped seams for additional water protection, YKK zippers with glow in the dark pulls on both doors, a lantern clip at the peak of the tent, and dimensions of 89″ long x 89″ wide x 59″ high or approximately 7.42 feet long, 7.42 feet wide, and 4.92 feet high. In metric this works out to 2.26 meters long, 2.26 meters wide, and 1.50 meters high. The weight is 15 lbs or 6.8 kgs.

Once it’s set up you’ll find enough room inside for a king-sized mattress, or three sleeping pads side by side, with some additional space for bags, gear etc. The tent comes in two main parts, the inner main section with mosquito netting and the outer rainfly for inclement weather protection.

The inner tent can be used by itself if you have dry warm weather in your camping location, allowing you to sleep under the stars with no bugs or other creepy crawlies getting to you at night.

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Image DescriptionEach tent can be set up in four possible ways depending on the weather and your own preferences. #1 shows the tent fully set up with the inner and outer fly in places, #2 shows just the inner with the doors closed, #3 shows the inner with the doors open and mosquito netting in place, and #4 shows the tent fully open.

When ordering your tent you can choose from 24 different color combinations including three inner tent colors and eight outer tent colors, allowing you to match it to your taste. The A-Frame Tent retails for $480 USD and you can buy it direct from The Get Out. Each tent comes with 45 day returns and free shipping within the continental USA.

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