The SAS Survival Handbook is one of those books that should have a space on the bookshelf in every home on Earth, although that may sound like a claim laced with hyperbole I swear it isn’t – costing less than $11.30 this book contains everything you need to know to survive for prolonged periods of time in a huge variety of locations, seasons, climates and conditions.

The edition shown here is the newly revised version, it includes ample information on how to find food, how to build camp, make traps, how to react in the face of natural disasters and other hostile situations, and how to survive at home if all services and supplies are cut off.

Aside from saving your bacon in the event of the apocalypse, the book is also quite a good read and contains plenty of information and diagrams that’ll keep you turning the pages, even when your life isn’t on the line.

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Published by Ben Branch -