The Airborne Throwing Axe by Base Camp X is designed specifically for axe throwing competitions, the double-bit head gives the axe an edge over single bit heads in that in has twice the available blade area to thwack into the wooden target.

Although axe throwing might sound like something that no one has done deliberately since Boudica took on the Romans, it’s actually a fast growing sport in the USA and Europe. Leagues like B.A.T.L. (the Backyard Axe Throwing League) have popped up offering regional championships, lessons and some relatively important safety training.

The axe shown here has an MSRP of $205, making it an affordable entry into a rapidly growing sport that’ll furnish you with some genuinely frightening skills that you’ll hopefully only ever deploy against wooden dummies. And zombies.

Read about the rules of axe throwing here, visit B.A.T.L. here.

Grab your Airborne Throwing Axe here.

Airborne Throwing Axe by Base Camp X

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