This is the Unbreakable Denim Shearling collar motorcycle jacket by the team at Saint, although it looks like regular streetwear the jacket is actually made from an incredibly strong UHMWPE fabric blend that offers world class burst and abrasion resistance.

Saint is an Australian company that have rapidly become world leaders in the use of modern ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) blended fabrics for both motorcycle and utility workwear. These fabrics are multiple orders of magnitude stronger than even the toughest cotton canvas, however they offer much better breathability than leather or Kevlar.

This toughness and breathability is critically important for both motorcyclists and those who work in hands-on industries like welding, bricklaying, fabrication, carpentry, glaziers, and others who work in potentially dangerous jobs.

Saint Unbreakable Denim Shearling Collar Motorcycle Jacket Details

The Unbreakable Denim Shearling collar motorcycle jacket has the 6th iteration of Saint’s Unbreakable fabric in all key impact zones, This is a blend of 66% UHWMPE and 34% cotton which offers the best balance between comfort and breathability with almost 6 seconds of slide time on asphalt. That may not sound like much but try counting six Mississippis while imagining you’re sliding down the road on your butt – all of a sudden it seems like a very long time.

Each of these jackets has a removable faux fur collar for use in winter to help keep the cold out and it was specifically designed with no liners or built-in layers – this means it’s easy to add or remove your own under layers depending on the weather without having to zip them in and out.

The jacket uses a 12% UHWMPE and cotton / viscose blend outside of the key impact areas, this helps improve breathability further. The team at Saint designed this jacket to be usable as both a motorcycle jacket and as regular streetwear, it comes in sizes from S to XXL and there’s a handy sizing chart on the website.

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