This is the  KA-BAR “pull through” Knife Sharpener, as the name suggests its an all-in-one knife sharpening tool that gives you a razor-sharp blade at 22.5° angle per side (45° inclusive).

Each of these knife sharpeners is made in the USA from high-quality Creamid®, with carbide inserts that do the actual sharpening. It’s been designed to fit neatly in your backpack or outdoor gear kit, and it can sharpen almost any kind of knife so long as it has a smooth, non-serrated edge.

KA-BAR Pull Through Knife Sharpener 2

Image DescriptionThe knife sharpener has a black Creamid® handle and a V-shaped opening at the top where you insert the blade, pulling it towards you (carefully) to sharpen it.

In the foothills of western New York, a legend was forged over a century ago that would become synonymous with American knives and knife making. The KA-BAR knife company, founded in 1898 by immigrant blacksmith John Ek, has an origin story as famous as the blades it produces.

What began as a humble machine manufacturing company in Olean quickly evolved into a manufacturer of hunting knives and outdoor tools by the late 1920s. But it was the onset of World War II that truly etched KA-BAR’s name into the annals of 20th century American history.

In 1942, the United States Marine Corps adopted KA-BAR’s fighting knife as standard issue for its troops. Instantly recognizable by its 7-inch blade and stacked leather handle, the KA-BAR Fighting Knife became the embodiment of the Marine Corps’ ferocity and the preferred tool for hand-to-hand combat.

As the war raged on, tales of the knife’s strength and reliability quickly spread amongst the ranks. From the beaches of Iwo Jima to the jungles of Okinawa, the KA-BAR became as essential as a rifle to every Marine. Its reputation only grew after service in the Korean War and Vietnam, cementing its status as an American military icon.

Today, over a century after its founding, KA-BAR remains one of the most famous and respected knife brands in the world. Still headquartered in Olean, the company continues to produce the original USMC Fighting Knife design, along with a diverse range of hunting, utility, and other outdoor knives, as well as a series of tools and other equipment.

The KA-BAR “Pull Through” Knife Sharpener

With its twin carbide inserts at a combined angle of 45°, the KA-BAR “Pull Through” Knife Sharpener
works by grinding the blade of your knife to a perfect edge, requiring you to place the blade into the V-shaped gap and then carefully pull it towards you while applying some downward pressure.

KA-BAR Pull Through Knife Sharpener

Image DescriptionHere you can see the carbide inserts that do the sharpening work. They’re angled at 22.5º each, 45º combined, to sharpen blades for years before needing replacement.

It’s one of the simplest and most affordable knife sharpeners of its type on the market, each one is made in the USA from hard-wearing black Creamid®, and they retail for a bit over $20 USD apiece.

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