Inside Track – McLaren-Honda Formula One Film

The first turbo era in Formula One is widely considered to be a golden age in the history of the sport, this makes the 2014 Formula One season an exciting prospect as all teams are switching back to turbos for the first time since 1989.

This film was created in 1990 and features Aryton Senna, Gerhard Berger and Ron Dennis as well as the cars, tracks, sounds and sensations of the first turbo era. There are a couple of genuinely touching Senna interviews, including one where he speaks in some detail about his feelings regarding the danger of the sport and the risk of injury undertaken by all racing drivers.

For the 2015 year, McLaren have once again joined forces with Honda – leading many to speculate that we’re heading towards a new golden era in Formula One. Although it’s perhaps a little too soon to know if Honda and McLaren will enjoy the same dominance they had in the late-80s, but we can always cross our fingers.

Published by Ben Branch -