1986 Honda VF1000R

Honda VF1000R

The Honda VF1000R is considered by many to be the best of the now classic VF1000 model line produced by Honda between 1984 and 1988, the VF1000R was the first of the VF line to have gear driven cams (as opposed to the chain driven cams on previous generations) and was also the first to have a horsepower rating over 120.

Honda originally produced the VF1000 motorcycles as road legal showcases for their racing technologies, the bikes were fitted with advanced 998cc V4 engines, rigid rectangular section pipe frames, dual floating discs on the front and racing-style piston callipers on the rear, adjustable clutch and front brake levers, a full fibreglass aero-fairing, aluminium wheels with quick-release axle holders and Pro-Link rear suspension with adjustable, braced front forks.

Honda VF1000R Profile

From a performance perspective, the Honda VF1000R was a revelation. The 125hp was too much for a significant number of riders and as a result, many of the bikes were wrecked or written off relatively early in their lives. The surviving bikes are seeing a surge in popularity and models like this 1986 VF100R are now officially vintage, further adding to their value so long as their condition is good and they’ve been well maintained.

Due to its gear operated cams the VF1000R is probably a better choice than the earlier chain driven cam models and a well-cared for example like this can still throw down with modern sportbikes and even embarrass them in the right hands. The model you see pictured here is due to be auctioned at the Las Vegas Motorcycle Auction on the 9th of January 2014 and has an estimated value of $6,000 to $8,000 USD, making it a fantastic alternative to a fast-depreciating modern litre bike.

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Honda VF1000R Dash Honda VF1000R Front

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