The Droog Moto Hyper Fighters are a new pair of limited production motorcycles including the Apagón and the Horizonte. Each model can be ordered in either naturally aspirated or supercharged form, with the supercharged bikes producing 210 bhp.

The team at Droog Moto work closely with each client, tailoring their bike to them specifically so no two of their motorcycles are ever quite the same. When ordering you can choose between racing slicks or Pirelli Supercorsa V3 tires – depending on how you want to use the bike.

Fast Facts – The Droog Moto Hyper Fighters

  • Droog Moto was started seven years ago by Max and Erica Droog. Primarily it’s still just the two of them handling all day to day operations and the motorcycle builds.
  • Due to their unique style and unusual custom motorcycle builds, Droog Moto have been featured across the web and in a slew of magazines, becoming a well-known company in the process.
  • They began to alter course about three years ago to focus on production bikes produced in low volume for discerning clientele from around the world.
  • The Droog Moto Hyper Fighters, consisting of the Apagón and Horizonte are their latest offerings – they’re superbikes in every sense of the word with power rated up to 210 bhp.

Droog Moto

Droog Moto is one of the better known custom motorcycle builders in the world thanks to their entirely unique designs.

Droog Moto Hyper Fighters

Image DescriptionThese are the Droog Moto Hyper Fighters, that’s the Horizonte on the left and the Apagón is on the right.

They first started out seven years ago, the company was founded by Max and Erica Droog, and in the years since they been featured on website and in magazines around the world.

Three years ago they decided to pivot the company slightly and focus on high-end, low-volume production motorcycles – their latest creations are the Apagón and Horizonte Hyper Fighters.

The Droog Moto Hyper Fighters

The Hyper Fighters belong to the modern street fighter class of motorcycles, essentially stripped back superbikes designed for high performance and excellent handling, typically without aerodynamic fairings.

The Hyper Fighter family consists of two models, the aforementioned Apagón and Horizonte. The Apagón is a blacked out track-inspired motorcycle that was built as the introductory concept model. The Horizonte is built with an abundance of lightweight materials, prioritizing the power to weight ratio above almost all else.

Droog Moto Hyper Fighters 16

Image DescriptionThe two-person team at Droog Moto develop all of their custom motorcycles specifically to be ridden – not just as display pieces.

When ordering your bike you can choose between the supercharged version that uses the engine from the Kawasaki ZH2 producing 210 bhp, or the naturally aspirated version that uses the engine from the Kawasaki Z900 producing 125 bhp.

Each bike is fitted with a full stainless steel exhaust system with custom made silencers, 3D printed intake filtration systems, 3D printed body panels and inserts, and custom frame assemblies developed as per client specifications.

They also have custom suede seats with signature Hyper Fighter stitch pattern, LED lighting, the option to choose either the Droog low rise bar or the Droog drag bar, and custom solid vented wheels.

The fuel tank is CNC cut and laser welded, the bikes use oversized wave rotors and braided brake lines, a CNC cut radiator guard, CNC cut exhaust shields, and billet fuel tank caps and rearsets.

If you’d like to read more about the Hyper Fighters you can visit the Droog Moto website here.

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