The American Pale Ale Beer Brewing Kit by Craft A Brew is an all-inclusive $45 kit that’ll make approximately a dozen 12 oz bottles of beer.

Many of us love the idea of trying out the process of creating craft beer, the barrier to entry has always been cost and complexity. Craft A Brew was founded in 2010 to get this barrier to entry as low as possible by developing inclusive kits that allow you try a variety of recipes, brewing 10-12 bottles each time.

Each 1 gallon kit includes a 1 gallon glass carboy (a large bottle) with a rubber stopper, a funnel, a racking cane, transfer tubing, an airlock, a thermometer, a sanitizer pack, the Guide to Craft Brewing booklet, and the all important American Pale Ale recipe kit.

American Pale Ale is a beer type closely related to the American India Pale Ale and its forebear the India Pale Ale. The American version is famously “hoppy” giving the beer a bitter and sometimes floral/citrus character, this is largely due to the significant amount of Cascade hops used during the brewing process.

Perhaps the most significant benefit of this brewing kit is the fact that it’s designed to be reusable, allowing you to buy different recipe packs for $15 USD apiece and try a wide variety of different beers.

The included American Pale Ale recipe kit contains 1.25 lbs of dry malt extract, Cascade hops, Perle hops, specialty grains, yeast, a traditional grain steeping bag, and a sanitizer pack to clean it all afterwards ready for the next batch.

The current recipe pack offerings from Craft A Brew include the Irish Stout recipe, the Golden Strong Ale recipe, the Oktoberfest Ale Recipe, the Hefeweizen Recipe, the Fool’s Gold Golden Stout, the Belgian Abbey Dubbel recipe, the New England IPA, the Brown Ale, the Chocolate Milk Stout recipe and many more.

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