This is the Ion Lamp from Portland, Oregon based company Schoolhouse. The lamp is closely based on Thomas Edison’s earliest electric lamp prototypes, simple designs developed to showcase the light bulb.

Schoolhouse was founded back in 2003 and originally known as Schoolhouse Electric. The company was founded with the goal of preserving American manufacturing, and keeping manufacturing skills here in the United States.

Ion Lamp – Portland Edition By Schoolhouse Base

Image DescriptionThe Portland Edition of the Schoolhouse Ion Lamp comes with a solid brass top and a cast iron base. It was carefully designed to resemble the early lamps developed by Thomas Edison.

Since its founding over 20 years ago, the company has now expanded from lighting into a wide variety of homewares including furniture, decor, bed & bath, hardware, and more – though unique lamps and other lighting elements remain a core part of the firm’s DNA.

The Ion Lamp By Schoolhouse

The Ion Lamp is one of Schoolhouse’s oldest and most popular designs. As noted above, the design is based on Edison’s early designs and it does a good job of showcasing the traditionally-styled lightbulb.

Though it may look like a vintage incandescent bulb it’s actually a modern G25 LED bulb that will provide a far longer service life while still giving off that classic amber glow. The lamp has a solid brass top paired with a cast iron base, a traditional twisted cloth cord and a bakelite plug.

The Ion Lamp looks like it could be 100+ years old, but they’re actually fully modern under the brass and can be plugged into your standard 120 volt outlet. Each lamp comes with an amber-tinted LED Edison bulb, and it measures in at 8″ high x 4.25″ wide x 4.25″ deep (with the bulb in place.

Ion Lamp By Schoolhouse 1

Image DescriptionThe lamp comes with a traditional twisted cloth cord and a bakelite plug, and it can be plugged into any standard US 120 volt outlet. The bulb is a modern amber-tinted LED Edison unit that looks like the incandescent bulbs of old.

Schoolhouse is currently offering a discount on the Ion Lamp, with a price of $159.99 down from $199 USD. Each lamp comes with a one year warranty and 30 day returns, and additional bulbs can be bought from Schoolhouse when required.

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Ion Lamp By Schoolhouse 2

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