This is the Gearbox Automatic Turntable MkII, it’s the new and improved second generation version of the Gearbox Automatic design with an upgraded belt drive, an aluminum pulley, and uprated internal electronics.

It was described by GQ magazine as being suitable for both novice and experienced vinyl users thanks to the high level of sound quality it offers for its price class, and thanks to its unusual design it’s been winning over many who are new to turntables and vinyl in general.

Gearbox Automatic Transparent Turntable MkII 2

Image DescriptionThe Gearbox Automatic Transparent Turntable MkII has a completely transparent case, allowing you to see the internal mechanisms at work as your record is playing.

The Gearbox MkII was developed in-house at Gearbox Records in North London. Gearbox Records was founded in 2009 and is now based in both London and Tokyo. The company has its own analogue cutting and mastering studio situated in King’s Cross, their records include previously-unreleased historic recordings and pioneering new music by contemporary artists.

This turntable has a smaller footprint than most, inspired by the dimensions of Dieter Rams’ Braun turntable – the same design that former Apple industrial designer also used as inspiration for the original iPod.

The Gearbox Automatic Transparent Turntable MkII has a high-fidelity built-in valve phono stage designed for Moving Magnet cartridges, meaning it gives a warm and open acoustic sound. Interestingly it was the first turnable in the world to offer this feature.

Inside the transparent case you’ll find a precision belt drive and a low-vibration synchronous motor with built-in electronic speed control. It’s also fitted with a solid glass platter and a pre-mounted Ortofon OM10 cartridge.

The turntable also works seamlessly with Gearbox’s own state-of-the-art track recognition software, this allows youth  instantly add whatever tracks you play on the turntable to your Spotify playlist via the Gearbox Automatic app.

Gearbox Automatic Transparent Turntable MkII 1

Image DescriptionThe turntable has both 33 rpm and 45 rpm capability, and thanks to its smaller size it’s portable and easy to transport.

It can operate at both 33 rpm and 45 rpm, it has wireless functionality as well as RCA plugs for wired output, isolated power on control, and a Pro-ject tonearm with an MSRP of $783 USD.

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