This is Barry The Hatchet, it’s a hand axe made in the local style as part of a collaborative effort between Hutan and Bidor.

This kind of hatchet is specifically designed for cutting dense fibrous woods, splitting kindling, and cutting open tropical fruits like durians and coconuts, if you’ve spent any time in South East Asia you’ll likely have seen somewhat similar looking hand axes being used for these tasks.

Each Barry The Hatchet is individually forged by Bidor from 5160 carbon steel in South East Asia, the home region of Hutan, and a place they call the Great Southeast as a hat tip to its long and remarkable history. Hutan ship out each of these hatchets with a pair of sharpening stones — a 400 grit (grey), a 600 grit (black), and a weather-proof field case.

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Hutan is focussed on finding the best their region has to offer and then bringing it to a global audience. The company has gone from strength to strength over the past few years, and they now offer a range of tools, field equipment, apparel, poster prints, and bags.

Bidor is one of the most reputable knife and blade makers in the South East Asian region, with years of experience forging edged tools that are designed to be used everyday for years – just requiring sharpening from time to time.

It’s recommended that owners rinse and wipe the blade dry after use, then apply a light coating of food-grade mineral oil before storage. The hatchet has a weight of 456 grams (16 ounces), a total length of 250 mm (9.84 inches), and a blade height of 90 mm (3.54) inches.

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