The White’s Boots x Iron & Resin MP Service Boot is a collaboration between the two uniquely American companies to produce a boot that has the potential to last decades rather than just years.

White’s Boots

White’s Boots has been in business since 1853, making industrial-grade footwear for the loggers of West Virginia back before the Civil War. Eventually the company moved to Spokane, Washington to serve the loggers of the expansive forests of the north west.

Over the years they released a number of different designs including now-legendary Smokejumper boots for the firefighters with full NFPA certification.

Iron & Resin

Iron & Resin was founded back in 2011 in Southern California, when a group of motorcycle riding friends with decades of collective experience in the apparel trade decided to launch their own company. In the years since they’ve made a name for themselves with a range of American-made goods, and they now have a strong following from Seattle to Singapore.

White’s Boots x Iron & Resin MP Service Boot

The design of the MP Service Boot was a collaborative effort between White’s Boots and Iron & Resin, with the goal being the creation of an everyday-wearable boot that’ll stand the test of time.

Each boot is handmade from 7-8 ounce Horween cinnamon waxed leather with a Vibram TPU rubber 1/2 lug outsole. The outsole is hand-sewn, hand-welted, hand-bottomed, and it can be replaced when you’re worn through it after a few years of heavy use.

White’s Boots have a patented “arch ease” leather shank that lessens fatigue, and these boots have a single celastic toe box, as well as nine solid brass eyelets finished with three solid brass speed hooks.

Only a limited number of these boots will be made, and when they’re gone they’re gone for good. If you’d like to pre-order a pair you can hit the big red button below. Pre-orders close on the 9th of September, with orders shipping out in early October.

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