I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t pull out the wet shave gear unless there’s a wedding, christening or funeral in my near future – though hopefully not mine on all counts. That said, the art of the wet shave is something all men should familiar with and many men need to wet shave on a daily basis due to preference, career or lady-friend reasons.

The Wet Shave Club is a new company that sends a monthly box to members, the specific contents of the box change each cycle but you’ll always be guaranteed new razors, wet shave soaps, aftershaves, styptic matches, and mystery items. A 6 month subscription is $22 per month and full year is $19 – either of which is cheaper than keeping the cupboard stocked with Gilette Mach Schick IIVX blades.

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The Wet Shave Club Box

Published by Ben Branch -