thodio iBox XC


The thodio iBox XC is probably the closest anyone has yet come to making a perfect, portable summer stereo – that doesn’t look like a mass-produced piece of plastic.

When placing your order you’re given the choice of beech, oak, teak or zebrawood, you can also opt for standard bluetooth or a high-end HD lossless aptX bluetooth module that should keep all but the most rabid of audiophiles happy.

Each iBox XC is fitted with built-in lithium-ion battery systems capable of powering it for 12 hours at a time, once the battery is exhausted you can recharge it from any standard outlet. All music is fed through two 100 watt RMS Tripath TK2050 amplifiers into two filtered Kevlar coned coaxial speakers with softdome tweeters, giving you better sound quality than anything this side of a seriously expensive home stereo.

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thodio-ibox-XC-aptX-bluetooth-apple-universal-dock-best-iphone-speaker-boombox-ibox-wood-wooden-teak-zebrawood-zebrano-oak-beech-cherry-walnut-bamboo-retro-ammo-can-box-speakers-5_1024x1024 thodio-ibox-XC-aptX-bluetooth-apple-universal-dock-best-iphone-speaker-boombox-ibox-wood-wooden-teak-zebrawood-zebrano-oak-beech-cherry-walnut-bamboo-retro-ammo-can-box-speakers-3_1024x1024 thodio-ibox-XC-aptX-bluetooth-apple-universal-dock-best-iphone-speaker-boombox-ibox-wood-wooden-teak-zebrawood-zebrano-oak-beech-cherry-walnut-bamboo-retro-ammo-can-box-speakers-2_1024x1024

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