The new Suus 3066 Road Denim Motorcycle Jeans are made from 14oz ARMALITH UHMWPE (ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene) denim that’s both incredibly abrasion resistant, and breathable.

UHMWPE materials are highly resistant to rubbing, tearing, and penetrating objects, and they have a higher level of mechanical resistance than either Kevlar or Cordura. The material is now being used in bulletproof vests, military armor, and spacecraft tethers – so it should have no problem protecting skin from asphalt.

Each pair of Suus 3066 Road Denims are made in Australia to an exceedingly high standard, they have a YKK® Heavy 5 gauge zip, twin needle stitching in the side seams, and they’re both stretchable and water resistant.

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