These are the Sunski Couloir sunglasses, each pair comes with a set of removable magnetic side shields designed to protect you from glare reflected up from snow, ice, and water.

The side shields can be quickly taken off when they’re not required, allowing the sunglasses to function well for regular day to day use also. The Couloir sunglasses come in both Black Forest and Matte Mist Amber colorways, and both have polarized lenses.

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Image DescriptionThe Sunski Couloir sunglasses come in both Black Forest and Matte Mist Amber, both have polarized lenses and frames made from  a material called SuperLight that is both strong and lightweight.

Sunski was founded in 2012 by Tom Stewart and Michael Charley via a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign that raised $157,000 USD from an initial goal of just $9,800 USD. At the time it was the third-largest fundraising achievement for a new fashion brand.

The concept behind Sunski had been inspired by a few pairs of wild Australian sunglasses that Tom bought on a surf trip to Australia back in 2009. They attracted a lot of interest when he got back to the USA, and thus the idea of bringing inexpensive but well-made sunglasses to market was born.

Each pair of Sunski sunglasses is made from a material called SuperLight, it was developed in-house as a recycled polymer (plastic) that is lightweight, flexible, and strong.

Unusually for a company that makes sunglasses, Sunski offers a lifetime warranty that covers all manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship during the lifetime of the product.

The Sunski Couloir sunglasses are fitted with polarized polycarbonate lenses that have varying visual light transmission (VLT) filters, which they say offers improved optical clarity.

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Image DescriptionThe magnetic side shields are quickly detachable when they’re not needed, meaning you can use the sunglasses for skiing or snowboarding one day, and around town the next.

Each pair comes with a protective case, and Sunski is a member of One Percent for the Planet – an international charitable organization whose members contribute at least one percent of their revenue to environmental causes.

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