This is the Long Splitter Axe from the team at Adler Axes, it was developed with a unique head that combines the functions of a standard felling axe and a wedge splitter into one.

Looking closely at the axe head you’ll see “wings” extending out from either side of the blade. These were developed to help split and separate the wood when chopping, they also help reduce instances of jamming.

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Image DescriptionThose “wings” on either side of the axe head help to split wood and reduce the instances of the blade “jamming” in the log or trunk.

Adler Axes was founded back in 1919 in Germany by Josef Schmitt. It started out as a small village blacksmith shop in southern Germany but it grew quickly as Schmitt developed a reputation for forging long-lasting axes and other tools.

The company is now one of the largest of its kind in Germany, still individually producing forged axe heads from C45 steel that are able to be sharpened to a razor-edge. The modern factory is in the town of Waghäusel – close to the Rhine River in Baden-Würtemberg, a little south of Heidelberg in Germany.

The Long Splitter Axe has an axe head made from Adler’s famous forged C45 steel. It’s fastened to the handle using a round metal wedge, which is said to distribute pressure evenly and reduce the likelihood of breakage.

The handle is made from shock-absorbing hickory wood which is sourced from the USA, and carved to shape after it’s been seasoned. The handle then receives its unique black and red paint work, the black paint is abrasive which helps to ensure a secure grip when the axe is being used.

Adler Axes Long Splitter Axe 2

Image DescriptionEach Long Splitter Axe comes with a Lithuanian-made leather sheath to keep the blade protected when not in use.

Each of these axes is made in Germany, and each comes with a Lithuanian-made leather sheath to keep the blade protected when not in use – and to protect against accidental cuts or injuries. Huckberry is now offering the axe for $139 USD and it comes with free US shipping, free returns, and a best price guarantee.

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