This is the Miyota 8215 Movement Kit, it’s a fully functioning mechanical automatic watch movement that comes with a movement holder and all the tools and parts you need to assemble (or disassemble) it.

For those of us who aren’t watchmakers the mechanical aspects of watch movements can seem almost like witchcraft – particularly movements that don’t just track seconds, minutes, and hours but also the date or other complications.

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Image DescriptionEach movement kit comes with all the parts you need to assemble and disassemble it, as well as detailed instructions and a help hotline should you need it.

This Miyota 8215 kit aims to teach people the finer points of automatic watch architecture in the comfort of their own homes. The Miyota 8215 movement is both automatic and self-winding, it has 21 jewels, a vibration frequency of 21,600 bph, and a 42 hour power reserve.

Each of these kits comes fully assembled and operational so you can test it yourself, it also comes with detailed instructions for both disassembly and reassembly. This allows you to fully tear it down and put it back together, after which you’ll have an intimate knowledge of exactly how the watch works, and of how most automatic watch movements work.

The kit includes the Miyota 8215 movement as well as a movement holder that doubles as a display unit for when you’re finished. It comes with the requisite screwdrivers and tweezers, a magnetizer tool, finger cots, pliers, an organizing case, a leather case, the aforementioned instructions, and access to the Rotate Watches support team if you need assistance.

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Image DescriptionEach kit also comes with a movement holder, pictured above, that holds it in place as you work on it. It then acts as a display so you can place your movement on a shelf or desk as a conversation piece.

Each kit includes a lifetime warranty, US-based support, priority speed shipping, and customization options. If you opt to receive the kit assembled it costs $230 USD and if you choose to receive it already disassembled it costs $325 USD, this is due to the hours needed to complete the disassembly before shipping it out.

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