This is the Saint Armored Puffer Jacket, it’s an all-season jacket designed specifically for the motorcyclists – with pockets for D30® armor in the elbows, shoulders, and back, and an outer shell made from abrasion and puncture resistant Cordura® nylon with a DWR coating.

Urban motorcyclists face a challenge when it comes to dressing appropriately. If they were full safety gear they’ll look like a MotoGP rider and will be hobbling around in full length protective boots. As a result they end up compromising between being safe and being able to blend in with society when off the bike, and not looking like a long-lost Power Ranger.

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Image DescriptionThe Saint Armored Puffer Jacket looks like ordinary streetwear, but with the armor fitted its EN17092-4:2020 Class “A” certification.

Saint is an Australian company that was founded in Melbourne by Mike Lelloitt and Aidan Clarke. Lelloitt was previously the Crumpler creative director and Clarke is the co-founder of activewear brand 2XU.

Unlike their previous ventures Saint would have focus on motorcyclists, specifically on developing gear that looks like regular streetwear but actually provides high-levels of protection from abrasion and impact injuries in the event of a crash.

They spent a small fortune on research and development to blend ballistic fibers with natural fibers, creating fabrics that were comfortable against the skin but 200+ times stronger than regular denim.

In the years since the company has expanded their product offerings to include a range of apparel including pants, jackets, vests, and hoodies for both men and women.

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Image DescriptionThe D3O® T5 EVO elbow, shoulder, and back armor is bought separately – as many riders already have a full set and don’t want to pay for it twice.

The Saint Armored Puffer Jacket is one of the company’s newer offerings, as with all of their designs it’s been developed to look like regular streetwear but to offer high-levels of safety. It’s made from a tough Cordura® nylon outer layer with a water-shedding DWR coating, and it comes with a wind/waterproof internal membrane plus a synthetic down filling for warmth.

The jacket has pockets for elbow, shoulder, and back armor, specifically D3O® T5 EVO Armor that can be bought separately. With the armor fitted the jacket has EN17092-4:2020 Class “A” certification.

Sizing ranges from S to XXL and the MSRP is $280 USD. It comes in any color you like so long as it’s black and there’s a handy sizing guide on the website to ensure you get the right size first time out. You can visit the listing here.

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