Pagnol have a well-earned reputation for making highly functional motorcycle gear with an understated style that not only looks good, but is also assured to never go out of style. The company was founded by the friendly Paulo Rosas, and it quickly made inroads into the notoriously difficult world of high-end motorcycle gear. Now counting many significant figures amongst their clientele including Robert Egger, the Specialized Cycles Creative Director, and the man pictured here.

The new Pagnol M1A Auto Jacket doesn’t quite fit into any pre-existing genres – so it may well be carving new ground. It’s a motorcycle jacket that’s been re-engineered specifically for use in automobiles. Paulo decided to make an “auto jacket” after noticing that many vintage sports car drivers were wearing motorcycle jackets – which weren’t particularly well suited to life behind the wheel.

The M1A Auto Jacket is based on the Pagnol M1 Jacket, with the motorcycle-specific features removed. It’s made from a slightly thinner aniline leather to remove the bulk and weight of typical motorcycle jackets, and the body armor pockets and body mesh lining are gone to reduce bulk further.

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