Noémie Marmorat is an artist and product designer with an already expansive portfolio of art that belies her two years of work in the automotive space. She draws all manner of motor vehicles including motorcycles, cars, aircraft, and boats which is where she took the artist name she’s best known by: Gasoline MAAB – it stands for “Motorcycles, Aircraft, Automobiles, Boats”.

She’s done such a great job of introducing herself that I’m going to publish it in full below, and we’ve included links to her website and social media accounts so you can follow her and see her latest works as they’re completed. If you’d like to commission Noémie she’s currently taking new assignments, and she’s happy to provide quotes and further information upon request.

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Noémie Marmorat Art Indian FTR

Meet Noémie Marmorat

My name is Noémie Marmorat, I am 26 years old and I am a product designer and artist in the motorcycle and automotive world. I’ve been passionate about drawing since I was very young. The Gasoline MAAB (motorcycle/automotive/aviation/boat) adventure started 2 years ago when my brother asked me to draw his first bike (a Kawasaki Ninja 300).

I’ve never drawn a motorcycle before. Finding that the result was quite satisfying, I started drawing some motorcycles and cars for fun and posting them on social networks.

People started to follow my work and contact me to draw their motorcycles or cars. From that moment on, I combined my two greatest passions: motorcycling and drawing. I mainly use felt-tip pens, colored pencils and Posca to accentuate the light and give even more relief to certain parts/parts of the car and motorcycle.

My style of drawing wants to be as close as possible to reality. Through observation and reflection, I was able to understand how light interacts with materials. My goal for each work is to make it difficult to discern between the drawing and the object. Today I make the drawings on personal orders. Just send me a high definition picture of your car/motorcycle.

I plan to develop my business in the aviation and shipping sectors as well. Hence my artist name Gasoline MAAB. I draw every day and I see my line changing, I still have a lot of things to learn, it’s endless and that’s probably what I like the most.

Noémie Marmorat Art 1 Noémie Marmorat Art 3 Noémie Marmorat Art Senna Noémie Marmorat Art

Noémie Marmorat Art Steve McQueen
Noémie Marmorat Art Porsche

Noémie Marmorat Art Porsche Headlights Noémie Marmorat Art Porsche 917 Noémie Marmorat Art Porsche 917 Gulf Noémie Marmorat Art Porsche 2 Noémie Marmorat Art Indian Noémie Marmorat Art Indian FTR Incomplete Noémie Marmorat Art Bimota Noémie Marmorat Art 5

Noémie Marmorat Art 4
Noémie Marmorat Art 2

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