This is the Maverick Waterproof Tool Roll, it was developed by Johnny Andow-Barker and it’s become one of the best-selling tool rolls of its kind, with over 20,000 delivered since the company was founded in 2020.

The impetus for the creation of his own line of tool rolls came from a childhood loaded with memories of his grandpa, dad, and uncle, and their frequent difficulties finding their own tools.

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Image DescriptionThe Maverick Waterproof Tool Roll is made from waterproof 1000D Cordura®, it has YKK rust-proof zippers with pull strings, and it comes in three colorways – Black, Army Green, and Orange.

Johnny grew up in Las Vegas and spent his early years in his grandpa’s garage, on one of his uncle’s ATVs, or helping his dad clean pools. Once he learned about the well-organized first aid rolls used by medics in the First World War, he knew he could create a modern version and solve the issue of the hard to find tools once and for all.

He started his own company, suitably named Official Tool Roll, and developed a line of three unique tool rolls, each available in a series of different colorways. The Maverick is the mid-sized tool roll that offers the significant benefit of being waterproof.

The Maverick Waterproof Tool Roll

The Maverick Waterproof Tool Roll is made from rugged waterproof 1000D Cordura® nylon. The earliest versions of Cordura® were developed by DuPont back in 1929, just as the storm clouds of the Great Depression began to converge over the United States and much of the western world.

The material was developed to meet the request of a major rubber company, who asked for a yarn that would be stronger than cotton for use in tire cords. The material was used in tires for military vehicles during WWII, and in the years since it’s been used broadly in military applications, as well as in luggage, backpacks, apparel, and more.

The waterproof Cordura® used in the Maverick ensures that your tools, fuses, spare wire, and whatever else you’re carrying in your tool roll will stay nice and dry for when you need it.

The tool roll also uses YKK rust-proof zippers with pull strings for easy opening and closing, and it’s built with reinforced stitching, and labeling windows to keep your gear well-organized.

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Image DescriptionOnce the Maverick is rolled closed you use the clip to keep it securely fastened, and it comes with a number of D-loops so you can attach it to your motorcycle, backpack, or 4×4.

The Maverick is now available on Huckberry in three colorways, Black, Army Green, and Orange. They all have the same MSRP of $75 USD and they come with a best price guarantee and free US returns.

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